Our Team

Who are we

The people in any business are the key to its success. Picture Talk works with a team of dedicated creative professionals who bring
a combined wealth of technical know how and creative flair to each project.

As well as the core team we also select and engage additional crew, depending on the nature and size of each individual project.
This means we can approach each job more flexibly and adapt to each clients budgets and scope.

Our Experience

Graham is a producer with 23 years experience in the industry.

After training in New Zealand he held positions with various international companies including ABC News USA and European TV channels Music Box and The Children’s Channel, before establishing Picture Talk Productions Ltd in 1990

His experience with a wide spectrum of organizations has allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of how different business groups and social institutions function and how best to reach their unique audiences.

Graham has successfully overseen the production of hundreds of corporate communication videos and television commercials, as well as several TV programmes for broadcast in both New Zealand and Australia. He is an expert in selecting the right people for the job, and his project management skills ensure a successful outcome every time.

Motion graphics are an important visual tool and can really help to boost a brands image or explain a complex message.

Tom has over 5 years motion graphics experience and has a natural ability to clearly interpret a clients brief to create visually exciting animations which are accessible and engaging.

After graduating with a degree in commerce and arts Baz taught English, music & media studies at various High Schools before entering the heady world of TV in the 90’s.

From 1995–2000 he was hired as Executive Producer of TVNZ’s New Digital Media wing, responsible for producing content on two community based cable TV channels, one in Auckland and one in Wellington.

Since 2000 he has worked as a director/cameraman for a variety of reality TV series and as a leading director/cameraman of corporate non-broadcast communications.

Baz has an amazing ability to tell and visualize the human story, no matter the subject matter. But what truly set’s him apart are his people skills and his ability to make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera, regardless of their experience.



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